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Board Game Online 2013 Overview

2013 Overview

Another amazing year draws to an end. So much has happened that we can barely believe it. We couldn't be happier with 2013 and we're looking forward to 2014. But first... let's have a little recap!

Soooo... what did we do?

As always, I'm gonna keep this short. We...

Unique active players per month
Fun fact: we had exactly 100% more unique players in 2013 than in 2012! How about that?

And what could 2013 have been without the work of our amazing artist Yel Zamor? Just look at all this beautiful art that she's created for us to liven up the game? You can find her here and sometimes in BGO's lobby as YelloJello. Do let her know if you appreciate her art!

Yel's art is fun, colorful and unique! Thanks, Yello!

What's gonna happen in 2014?

Well, the best thing about 2014 is that it's the first year where we have one person working on BGO full time! You may know me (DysprosiumDy) and Silicon (previously know as Ano) from our presence in the lobby and on Facebook. Well, some of you may know that last Summer I've quit my job and started working on Frostbolt Games (me and Sil's company) full-time! This means that we've got a lot more workpower in 2014 than we had in 2013!

What you may not yet know is that we've been working hard on things besides BGO for the past few months. To summarize, we've been hard on creating a foundation from which we can easily create animated content. We're currently testing this new, homemade framework by making a small, fun animated game. We aim to complete this game in February and will let BGO donators beta test it!

The best part about our new framework is that it allows animation (and advanced audio) on web pages as well as in full blown apps. We've already successfully tested it on many tablets and phones, where it all runs smoothly! This means that we can use it to create games easily, but can also use it to add animated content to BGO. The possibilities are endless! From animated events and images to fullblown interactive minigames. For those who remember 2013's Easter event, let's say that was just a very modest prelude of what's to come!

We're very, very excited about sharing all of this with you, our ever expanding playerbase. You guys have pulled us through yet another year full of hard work and great achievements! It's hard to believe that our little game that used to be played by mere hundreds has already been played by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world! We will reward you all for your fantastic support, in 2014 more than ever before! I'm not kidding even slightly when I say we love you. You all rock!

Finally, a big thank you to all the generous donators who allowed us to set up our business and continue to support us, economic crisis or not!

With Love,
DysprosiumDy & Silicon