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This is a list of all the classes you will encounter in the game.


Passive: Brewmaster: You know all there is to know about liquids. Poisons and potions cannot harm you.Whenever you drink something, a random skill cooldown will tick down 3 turns.
Concoct one of 4 randomly chosen liquids.

You can use Broken Glass to reduce the cooldown of this skill by 3 and increase the number of options to 6.

Cooldown: 6 turnsAlso infects players within 10 spaces of you with Nauseating Poison for 2 turns, making them Silenced and Unable To Eat Or Drink.
Turn an item of your choice into 6-9 Rupees.

When alchemists die, they barium.

Cooldown: 4 turnsReduces the cost of your next Alchemize by 3 Rupees. This cost reduction stacks. Cooldown reduced to 3 turns.
Spend 7 Rupees to create a random item.

Cooldown: 6 turnsItems created by Alchemize are Fireproof and Frostproof. Cooldown reduced to 4 turns.


Passive: Killer Instincts: Whenever you kill someone, you gain +2 speed for 2 turns and your Assassin cooldowns are reduced by 1 turn. The speed buff does not stack. (Speed buff is +3 speed when the kill was made in melee range.)ALL your skill cooldowns now tick down 1 turn when you make a kill.
Run 3-10 spaces forward. The cooldown is equal to the amount of spaces you run, up to a maximum of 7 turns.Can now be used even while on cooldown if you're on the same space as a dead player, without going on cooldown.
Jump towards another nearby player to try to assassinate them. You will incapacitate them or kill them when they were incapacitated already.

Range: 7 spaces
Cooldown: 7 turnsCan now also kill players who have Skip-A-Turn.
Gain Skip-A-Turn & Incapacitation Immunity and Disarm Immunity for 2 turns.

Cooldown: 7 turnsCan now be used while Incapacitated or Disarmed.


Passive: Stamina: The cooldowns of your Barbarian skills tick down an additional turn when you skip a turn.Skipping a turn now also gives you Empowered Dice.
Take a leap to another space.

Range: 10 spaces
Cooldown: 6 turnsNow incapacitates players you land on.
Unleash a powerful roar, causing nearby players to flee until they are 15 spaces away from you.

Cooldown: 7 turnsAffected players in front of you no longer run forward, but skip a turn instead.
Break Free
Remove Skip-A-Turn, Incapacitation and Rooted from yourself.

Cooldown: 6 turnsCan now be used to remove Disarmed. If you removed a Skip-A-Turn or Incapacitation, your passive also triggers. Cooldown reduced to 5 turns.


(Level UP Reward)
Passive: Keep Up The Pace: Whenever you move 10 or more spaces forward in a single movement, reduce your highest cooldown by 2, to a minimum of 1.
Note: This is a Level UP class. You can unlock it by spending Power Points.Now reduces up to 3 cooldowns by 2 turns. Movement requirement increased to 12 spaces.
Cheerful Song
Move all living players within 20 spaces of you 5 spaces forward, also making them Unable To Kill You for 2 turns.

If only you were affected, move 10 spaces forward instead.

Cooldown: 6 turnsYou now always move 10 spaces forward.
Charismatic Smile
Get a random item from the shop you're currently visiting for free!

Cooldown: 5 turnsFor every 7 Rupees you spend at shops (excluding the Pawn Shop) this cooldown ticks down 1 turn.
Plot Twist
Whenever you're the target of a Dark Spell and this skill is not on cooldown, you'll hold onto the Spell for 1 turn or until you're the target of another Dark Spell. You can choose a new target for the Spell you're holding.

Cooldown: 7 turnsYou can now hold onto 3 Spells at the same time, each for a duration of 2 turns.


(Donator Class)
Passive: Man Of The Wild: You move forward 1 space whenever you shift into a different form.
Note: This is a donator class. It only appears in games where all players together have donated 15,00 EUR or more.Shapeshifting reduces the cooldown of a random Living item in your inventory by 3.
You are in Human Form. You can use the Entangling Roots skill.

Cooldown: 2 turnsNow removes Rooted and moves you 2 extra spaces forward.
Nature's Swiftness
You generate 1 Concentration every turn, up to a maximum of 15 Concentration. You can use 10 Concentration to use Nature's Swiftness, instantly resetting the cooldowns of your Druid skills.Additionally reduces the cooldowns of up to 4 other items and skills by 2.
Human Form: Entangling Roots
Cause roots to grow on a chosen space. In 10 seconds, the roots will shoot up, Rooting all players in a 5 space radius for 1 turn.

Cooldown: 4 turns
Bear Form: Maul
Run up to a target player within 2 spaces and maul them, causing them to become incapacitated.

Cooldown: 4 turns
Snake Form: Venomous Bite
Slither up to a target player within 4 spaces and bite them to afflict them with Painful Poison for 2 turns, which causes them to roll a single die.

Cooldown: 4 turns
Crow Form: Soar
Soar 4-6 spaces forward.

Cooldown: 4 turns
Wolf Form: Growl
Run up to a target player within 7 spaces and growl at them, causing them to run back 3 spaces.

Cooldown: 4 turns
Fairy Form: Extract Essence
Freeze a Living item for 8 turns to create a Magic Crystal.

Cooldown: 4 turns


(Donator Class)
Passive: Magic Affinity: Whenever a Spell is cast on you, you gain a +3 Speed Boost for 2 turns.
Note: This is a donator class. It only appears in games where all players together have donated 17,50 EUR or more.Whenever you cast a Spell, make a random item Fireproof, Frostproof or Soulbound.
Enchant one of your items to grant it a special property. An item may receive multiple different Enchantments.

Enchanting an item with an Enchantment it already has, will remove it.
  • Delicious: Food movement +3.
  • Ethereal: Can only be used while dead.
  • Fireproof: Cannot burn.
  • Frostproof: Cannot freeze.
  • Soulbound: Cannot be stolen, traded or lost.
  • Sparkling: Worth 5 more Rupees.
Cooldown: 2 turnsYou can use Ethereal items while alive.
Condense Magic
Destroy an item to create a random Magic Crystal. Alternatively destroy a Magic Crystal to create a Scroll of a chosen Spell from that Magic Crystal.

Cooldown: 7 turnsMagic Crystals and Scrolls created by Condense Magic are now Soulbound, Fireproof and Frostproof. Cooldown reduced to 6 turns.
Arcane Relocation
Move another player backward or forward 2 spaces + their Speed. You can also move yourself, but the movement will be 2 spaces + half your Speed (rounded down).

Cooldown: 5 turnsMoving yourself now moves you 4 spaces + your Speed. Spellcasts reduce this cooldown by 1.


(Donator Class)
Passive: Hallucination: When you're attacked with a melee weapon, you avoid it and move 5 spaces forward. Cooldown: 2 turns
Note: This is a donator class. It only appears in games with players who have donated 5,00 EUR or more together.Now also works against targeted Dark Spells.
Grand Disappearance
Teleport a distance between 10 and 30 spaces back and return to your original space afterwards.You can now also teleport forward.
Deadly Illusion
Give a Deadly Illusion of a specific item to another player. Using a Deadly Illusion kills you.

Cooldown: 8 turnsWhen given to yourself, Deadly Illusions gain Highly Flammable and only invoke a 3 turn cooldown.
Magic Hat
Store up to 3 items in your Magic Hat, which functions like a separate inventory. Items inside your hat count as if you don't have them. Only retrieving an item invokes its cooldown.

Cooldown: 1 turnNow can hold up to 5 items. Retrieving items no longer has a cooldown, max 5 times per turn.


(Donator Class)
Passive: Natural Liar: Whenever you fail to answer a Trivia question or an Orly question, you will automatically argue that the question was flawed and will not receive the penalty.
Note: This is a donator class. It only appears in games where all players together have donated 10,00 EUR or more.Whenever another player uses a targeted Dark Spell on you, force the Right To Remain Silent on them, Silencing them for 6 turns.
Sue someone for 3 turns. If the sued player commits murder during those 3 turns, they will be convicted and forced to pay you 10 Rupees and skip a turn. If they don't have the 10 Rupees, they will be sentenced to death and pay whatever Rupees they had.

Successfully suing a player resets this skill's cooldown.

Cooldown: 6 turnsSue duration increased to 4 turns. Rupees increased to 25.
Object to the current player's actions, immediately ending their turn! Can be used on your own turn.

Cooldown: 7 turnsWhen used on yourself, Objection restarts your turn.
Confiscate Evidence
Confiscate the item that a target player has used most recently. If that item cannot be stolen, then this skill fails.

Cooldown: 7 turnsConfiscated items become Unremovable.


Passive: Banking: +1 Rupee per turn.You also receive a random item every 8 turns.
Fair Trade
Trade a chosen item of yourself with a random item of another player.

Cooldown: 8 turnsYou've got 20 seconds to swap the items back, which reduces the cooldown to 3 turns.
Trade Routes
Find a trade route to lead you 2-3 spaces forward. You can also pick a shop you want to visit in your next turn.

Cooldown: 7 turnsYou find 2 additional random events.
Every 6 turns this skill offers 4 random items for sale. You can choose to buy one for 80% of its normal price.You can now purchase all 4 items each cycle.


Passive: Master Of Death: You start with 4 Soul Power and gain 1 Soul Power every 8 turns. Necromancer skills can be used while dead.You can use ALL your Skills while dead.
Drain Soul
Put a Drain Soul Curse on a living target player for 2 turns. If that player dies, the effect is removed and you gain +1 SP even if the death was blocked. If the death wasn't blocked, Drain Soul's cooldown resets instantly.

Cooldown: 3 turnsSuccessfully draining another player's soul while you are dead grants 2 extra Soul Power, Soul Speed and revives you. Only works if the death wasn't blocked.
Army Of The Dead
Summon an undead minion. You can have one Skeleton, one Zombie and one Specter. Each of these can be upgraded to a specific improved version.

You can Unsummon a minion for 1 SP, removing it and giving you back the SP it cost to create it.

Upgrade your minions with Undead Haste for 4 SP to reduce the trigger cycle of all your minions by 1 turn permanently.You can now also spend 2 Soul Power to resurrect a dead player as a Volatile Zombie. Usable once per 6 turns.
Command Undead
Command a minion to target a specific player instantly.

Alternatively, spend 1 SP to reduce this skill's cooldown by 6 turns.

Cooldown: 8 turnsUsing Command Undead on Skeletons and Zombies applies Dark Touch to the target for 3 turns. Players who die with this effect spawn a temporary random Undead Minion for you.


Passive: Auto Hammer: You automatically whack enemy players that get on your space! Your Hammer is refreshed every turn.Whenever you attack someone with your Auto Hammer, move 4-6 spaces forward.
Whack a random player on your space 6-9 spaces back. Has infinite charges.
Holy Hammer
Bless your hammer with holy might until your next turn, increasing its power trifold.

Cooldown: 4 turnsWhenever you hit a player with a Holy Hammer, you receive an Auto-Resurrection for 3 turns.
Hammer Of Justice
Throw your Hammer at another player, causing them to skip a turn. If you throw a Holy Hammer, the target will become incapacitated.

You lose your Hammer when you use this skill.

Cooldown: 6 turnsThrowing a Holy Hammer at an Incapacitated target will kill them.
Divine Blessing
Remove up to 1 Curse and 1 Disease from someone. If you removed an effect, you gain Empowered Dice, giving you a guaranteed Roll Streak.

Cooldown: 7 turnsWhen you remove both a Curse and a Disease, you get 3 stacks of Empowered Dice.


Passive: Faith: Every 7th round you revive in your turn.Whenever you revive through Faith, you get a vial of Holy Water and an Auto-Resurrection.
Use your holy powers to bring a dead player back to life. If the target is already alive they will gain an Auto-Resurrection for 2 turns.

Cooldown: 7 turnsThe Auto-Resurrection is permanent now.
Dispel Magic
Dispel a random Magic Debuff from a friendly player or a random Magic Buff from an enemy player.

When used on yourself, you can choose the effect to dispel.

Cooldown: 6 turnsWhenever you successfully remove a Magic effect with Dispel Magic, gain a Spell Shield for 8 turns. Cooldown reduced to 5 turns.
Choose a Light Spell from 3 random options. If it's a targeted Spell and you cast it on another player, then you will also cast a copy of it on yourself.

Cooldown: 10 turnsNon-targeted Spells now also cast a second time. Cooldown reduced to 8 turns.

Quantum Physicist

Passive: Quantum Uncertainty: Your location is uncertain. Every turn you either move between 1 and 3 spaces backward or between 1 and 5 spaces forward.Now always teleports you to another player if another player is in range.
Schrödinger's Box
Hide inside a scientific cardboard box for 2 turns. While inside the box, you cannot die. When you get out of the box, you have a 50% chance to die. Does not work inside the Pyramid.

Cooldown: 6 turnsWhen you die and this is off cooldown, it has a 50% chance to activate automatically, also blocking the death. Cooldown reduced to 5 turns.
Multiversal Flux
Force an item to go out of sync with our universe, pulling in a random item from a parallel universe to replace it.

Optionally, you can cause a Global Multiversal Flux, causing a Multiversal Flux on every player that also has that same item.

Cooldown: 2 turnsNow also generates a copy of the new item. Retrieving that copy invokes a 3 turn cooldown.
Quantum Quality
Give yourself a random positive effect.

Cooldown: 7 turnsGenerates an extra positive effect. Cooldown reduced to 6 turns.


(Level UP Reward)
Passive: Beast Mastery: All your Living items become Soulbound as soon as you get them. You can always use them.
Note: This is a Level UP class. You can unlock it by spending Power Points.Whenever a Living item in your inventory gets used up or destroyed, you move 6 spaces forward. Cooldown: 1 turn
Track another player for up to 3 turns. Whenever that player moves, you secretly move 1 space towards them. You can disable this effect whenever you want. When the effect ends, you will encounter the Crossroads.

Cooldown: 6 turnsWhen you reach your target with Tracking's movement, kill them and move 10-15 spaces forward.
Pack Leader
Instantly reduce the cooldown of a Living item by 6 turns.

Cooldown: 4 turns

Alternatively, call one of 2 random Living creatures to your aid!

Cooldown: 8 turnsYou can now also choose to evolve a Living item into a random other Living item. Cooldown: 4 turns
Feign Death
Pretend to die, causing you to become dead without triggering any effects that trigger upon death.

Using this skill a second time or waiting until the start of your next turn will cause you to revive without triggering any effects that trigger upon revival.

Cooldown: 6 turnsKills made while feigning death reset the cooldowns of your Ranger skills and your Living items. This also cancels Feign Death.


Passive: Shift: Every turn, if someone is 5 or less spaces in front of you, you shift spaces. This effect can occur multiple times in a row.Whenever Shift triggers, Disarm the target for 1 turn and reduce the cooldown of Sabotage by 2.
Hinder another player. This skill has no cooldown, but recharges its 4 uses every 10 turns. Every 10 turns, you can do all these things once:
  • Disarm a target for 1 turn.
  • Set a target on Fire.
  • Blind a target.
  • Knock a target 5 spaces back.
Recharge time reduced by 1 for every enemy player in the game, down to a minimum of 4 turns.
Inspect all of another player's items. Freeze one of them for 10 turns or make the item Highly Flammable. If it's a Mechanical item, it will become an extra option the next time you use Tinker to create an item.

Cooldown: 6 turnsNow first removes Fireproof, Frostproof and Soulbound Enchantments. Cooldown reduced to 5 turns.
Take two items from your inventory. Use them to create a Mechanical item of your choice from a random selection of three.

Cooldown: 4 turnsNow only requires a single item. Cooldown increased to 5 turns.


Passive: Mysticality: You gain 2 Mana per turn. You gain an additional 2 Mana whenever you cast a Spell. You start with 10 Mana.Casting Spells now grants 4 Mana instead.
Root a player, causing them to be unable to move for 1 turn.

Cost: 5 Mana
Current Mana: 0
Cooldown: 5 turns

⚡Empower this for 2 Mana to also affect players in a 5 space radius around the target.Now also Freezes 2 random items for 2 turns. ⚡Empower also Freezes 1 additional item.
Look at 2 random items from a player's inventory. Choose one to steal.

Cost: 5 Mana
Current Mana: 0
Cooldown: 8 turns

⚡Empower this for 2 Mana to show an additional item.The stolen item thaws, resets its cooldown and restores all its charges.
Kill a player and all players within 1 space around them, also setting them on Fire.

Cost: 45 Mana
Current Mana: 0
Cooldown: 10 turns

⚡Empower this for 4 Mana to increase the radius by 1 space and lower the cost by 3 Mana.The kill now penetrates Fire Immunity and removes all death protection.
Quickly teleport 4 spaces forward. If you flashed away from another player on your space, you also ⚡Empower your other skills.

Cost: 2 Mana
Current Mana: 0
Cooldown: 1 turnIf you flashed away from another player, you'll move an additional 6 spaces forward, gain 5 Mana and Flash won't go on cooldown.


Passive: Sexual Immunity: STDs do not harm you, have a much longer duration and cannot be removed.Having sex now grants you a +4 Speed Boost for 3 turns and reduces all your skill cooldowns by 1 turn.
Seduce a target, causing them to move up to 9 spaces in your direction. If the target reaches your space, they'll be incapacitated and any STDs you and the target have, will be shared.

Cooldown: 6 turnsSeduced players become Unable To Kill You for 3 turns.
Strike fear into nearby enemies' hearts. Any enemy within a 10 space radius will flee 6-9 spaces away from you.

Cooldown: 5 turnsRadius increased to 12 spaces. Enemy players hit by Fear are Silenced for 4 turns.
Sexual Ritual
Sacrifice a Living creature to the powers of Hell to gain a random STD and an Ethereal Gem.

Alternatively, sacrifice an STD to instantly move 12 spaces forward.

Cooldown: 6 turnsNow also summons a random Lesser Demon. Cooldown reduced to 5 turns.

Time Twister

(Donator Class)
Passive: Not My Time Yet: Whenever you revive naturally, all your cooldowns tick down 3 additional turns.
Note: This is a donator class. It only appears in games where all players together have donated 12,50 EUR or more.When you revive naturally, you will return to the space you died on if you're behind that space.
Steady Progression
Cause a target player to be affected by Steady Progression, ignoring Speed in their next Roll Phase.

Cooldown: 3 turnsWhen used on another player, now also prevents Roll Streaks and lasts an extra turn. Cooldown increased to 4.
Lock Time
Store a player's Space, Permanent Speed or Rupees. Choose to revert it back to its stored state by using this skill again, otherwise it happens automatically in your next Effects Phase.

Maximum effect on yourself: 15 Spaces, 1 Speed or 10 Rupees.

Maximum effect on other player: 30 Spaces, 2 Speed or 20 Rupees.

Cooldown: 5 turnsLock Time triggers after two turns instead of one.
Bend Space
All other players within 8 spaces of a chosen space are moved to that space. This skill cannot be used on your current space.

Cooldown: 5 turnsCan now be used on your own space.


(Donator Class)
Passive: Skull Collector: Whenever you kill another player or die yourself, you gain 1 Skull. You cannot hold more than 3 Skulls.
Note: This is a donator class. It only appears in games where all players together have donated 20,00 EUR or more.You can now hold up to 6 Skulls.
Call Demon
Set yourself on Fire or give yourself a random Minor Curse to call forth a Lesser Demon of your choice from a total of 4 options.

Alternatively, sacrifice a Skull to avoid harming yourself and increasing the number of options to 6.

Cooldown: 3 turnsYou now have a 25% chance to be able to summon a Greater Demon.
Harvest Power
Siphon the power from a Skull, Magic Crystal or an item containing a Spell to turn this skill into Chaos Infusion, allowing you to use one of 4 powerful abilities.

You can siphon the power from an item while this skill is on cooldown to reduce its cooldown by 6 turns.

Cooldown: 8 turnsNow also summons a random Lesser Demon.
Chaos Infusion
Use one of the following chaotic abilities:
  • Chaotic Energy - Lower the cooldown of one of your items or skills by 5 turns.
  • Chaotic Magic - Your next targeted Spell ignores all defenses against Spells and will incapacitate the target.
  • Chaotic Power - You gain Chaotic Power for 1 turn, which grants 1 stack of Empowered Dice, +3 Speed and Knockback Immunity. When it wears off, you die. This effect doesn't stack.
  • Chaotic Fire - Remove Fire from a target and turn it into a flask of Volatile Oil.
Ring Of Fire
Unleash a blazing ring of fire, setting yourself and players in a 6 space radius around you on Fire.

You can use a Skull to increase the radius to 10 spaces, also blasting yourself 14 spaces forward.

Cooldown: 8 turnsWhen Ring Of Fire hits no other players, you receive a random Fireproof Ring.


(Level UP Reward)
Passive: Lexicon: You start with 10 random letters and generate another one every turn. Whenever you cast a Spell, you receive a Blank.
Note: This is a Level UP class. You can unlock it by spending Power Points.Whenever you kill a player, add 10 letters to your Lexicon, randomly chosen from their name.
Destroy an item of your choice, adding a maximum of 10 characters of its name (from left to right) to your Lexicon. Every space becomes a Blank, which can be used as any letter.

If the item name has more than this maximum of characters, move 2 spaces forward.

Cooldown: 3 turnsMaximum characters increased to 20.
Your Lexicon contains a list of 8 items. Create an item with the letters in your Lexicon by spelling its name.

Composed items are Duplicate, meaning you can own multiple of them.

Alternatively, replace an item in the list with a random new one.

Cooldown: 1 turnYou can now also spend 20 Blanks to create a random Artifact.
Words Of Power
Your Lexicon contains a list of 3 random words of power. Spell one of them to activate it and refresh the list.

Cooldown: 3 turnsYou can now also spell all 3 words at once to trigger all their powers and gain Star Power for 3 turns.