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Board Game Online Credits

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On this page we want to thank everyone who contributed to Board Game Online.


Board Game Online was originally created by DysprosiumDy and Ishtar. For the past years the game has been managed and developed by DysprosiumDy and Silicon. Together they own a Dutch company called Frostbolt Games. In 2020, aqua worked for Frostbolt Games to create a lot of new content.


Active artists:

Hall of Fame


Since we started working on Board Game, a lot of people have joined us on our quest to create a wacky, cool game. Some of these have become our trustworthy Moderators!

Active mods:

Hall of Fame:

Sound & Music

We'd like to thank Soundsnap, Partners In Rhyme and freeSFX for providing us with free sounds for our game. Thanks a million, guys!

We also wish to thank YouTube for the awesome service they provide. We use their embedded software extensively to enhance our website. We love YouTube.

Misc Credits


Some of the icons used on our site are from Pinvoke, Aha-soft and iTweek.Thanks for sharing, guys!