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Fan Art

In Board Game Online we have some events and items for which the player community can submit art. The game then randomly picks art from these submissions and uses it. This basically means this is your chance to become famous in BGO! Do you have what it takes? If so, read on!

How do I add my art?

Simple! Send an email to support@boardgame-online.com with the subject: "Fan Art Item" or "Fan Art Event" depending on what kind of fan art you're submitting. Items and events each have their own requirements, so make sure you read on and pick one first. We will always send you an email to tell you if your submission was added. We go through submissions around once a month, so expect to wait a bit before we handle your submission!

Please note that the bar isn't set very high for fan art submissions. Still, we reserve the right to decline submissions for whatever reason we deem fit. Basic rules:

Fan Art Items

Basic requirements: Currently there is one Fan Art Item: the "Useless Valuable". This item is worth 25 Rupees and can therefore be sold at the Pawn Shop. When you submit fan art for this item, you draw any kind of valuable you like. You might want to draw an ancient Greek vase, or maybe an antique watch.

To go along with the image, we also ask you to give a short description (max 200 chars) of the item that we can put in the tooltip as flavor text. For example, you might describe your ancient Greek vase like this:

This ancient vase once belonged to Euclides himself. It features a beautiful drawing of goddess Artemis getting molested by a boar.

This pendant was drawn by Enki!
This Black Soulstone was drawn by Latecat!

Fan Art Events

Basic requirements: You can submit art for two different events:
You can decide what happens in the event to make the player move forward or backward. To go along with the image, we also ask you to give a short description (max 400 chars) to display underneath the event image.


(Drawn by Rubicon)
An angry purple cocklefeather startles you by squawking madly at you. You decide it best to move back 7 spaces.

(Drawn by Crvena)
You've just met a very nice amish guy and he will even give you a ride 9 forward if you forget that you've ever seen him here... Looks like you were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Or the wrong place at the right time? Ehm, so... Deal?