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Wild Modes

Wild Modes spice the game up by altering the rules in crazy ways. Every week one Wild Mode is active and the rotation takes place on Friday. Games can use an inactive Wild Mode for 20 BG Coins.

This is a list of all the available Wild Modes.

Fairly Frosty

All players have permanent Faerie Frost, canceling all backwards movement.

Also, Pixies seem to appear more often than usual! How magical!

What The Flux?!

Every 5 rounds up to 25 items per player transform into random different items!

Artifacts For All

At the start of the game and every 15 rounds all players get a skill to choose a powerful Artifact!

Racing In Reverse

All movement is reversed! Whenever you go forward, you go backward instead and vice versa!

Dice rolls still move you forward, but Speed has the reversed effect!

The Battle For The Elder Wand

Whenever the holder of the Elder Wand is killed by another player, the killer gets it. The wand is instantly empowered with a choice of 3 random Spells and keeps generating more Spells over time. Such power!

The Hungrier Games

The first player to eat 25 Food items wins the Hungrier Games!

All Living items classify as Food! In addition, every player receives Mystery Seeds and a Bucket Of Water every 4 turns.

The Hungriest Games

The first player to eat 50 Food items wins the Hungriest Games!

All items classify as Food!

Every player receives a Wacka Ball every 12 turns.

Classy Combos

All players get to choose a Class Combo every 15 rounds.

Silly Sales

All shop prices are randomized between 1 Rupee and 150% of their cost.

All players are Merchants and receive a Rare Wildcard: Traveling Salesmen every 10 turns.

Massacre Arena

The first player to earn 20 Kill Points wins the game!
  • Kills against enemy players grant +3 Kill Points.
  • Deaths cause -1 Kill Point.
  • Death only lasts 1 turn!

My Little Shoppy

All players get to build their personal shop via random choices. They can access this shop regularly throughout the game.