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Board Game Online is an incredibly weird multiplayer game. Encounter the Lolrus, Gandalf or get Rick Rolled! Enter the Deadly Pyramid or the Brothel. Buy a Time Travel Condom or an Explosive Sheep! Become a sneaky Assassin, an evil Necromancer or a righteous Paladin! Join the fun and play for free in your browser with friends or strangers! No account required.

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16 Apr 2014
  • Stealing a gadget at the Batcave in the Abandoned Mine now allows you to choose from a set of gadgets rather than stealing a random gadget.
  • Liquid Luck now occasionally offers you a set of items to choose from rather than giving you a random reward!
  • Casting Scales Of Justice while having the Flow Of Magic-feat will no longer cause players to move to the wrong place.
  • A new achievement has been added for Weed Day! (which is on the 20th of April)
14 Apr 2014
  • We've released a new thermometer with additions to the Dark Room! Check them out! (The goals from the previous thermometer will be launched this week.)
  • The ORLY and Trivia events will now offer you a set of items rather than one item for answering a question correctly!
12 Apr 2014
  • A rounding error with Light Spell: Wealth has been fixed. The caster will now always receive exactly 100% of their Rupees (capped at 200).
11 Apr 2014
  • The community has spoken! 5087 players have voted in favor of making Easter 2 weeks and 548 players were against it. From this year on, Easter will be celebrated from April 5th till April 18th. To celebrate, we've reactivated Easter. Enjoy your extra week of chocolate eggs!
  • We've added a new poll: Would you like the Item Choice event to be a Game Option and if so, would you likely turn it off often?
  • Maintenance has been scheduled at 12:00 noon GMT+2. Game creation will be disabled 20 minutes beforehand. The maintenance period should not last longer than 10 minutes. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.
    Update 12:00: Maintenance has started.
    Update 12:01: Maintenance is done.
  • Putin now hands out a hat of your choice rather than a random hat. He also has some new flavor text based on your gender / sexuality now.
09 Apr 2014
  • A new thermometer with a few item related updates has been released!
  • Two new item combinations have been added to the game! Combine an ACME Magnet with a Tractor Beam Generator to attract the Finish Line itself! Combine an ACME Magnet with an Improbability Device to attract a random item from up to 4 random players!
08 Apr 2014
  • We added input highlighting to the game interface. We also changed the Inverted Dice debuff so that it actually mirrors the Rolling Dice image when you roll.
04 Apr 2014
  • Board Game Online celebrates her 5th birthday! Woohoo! Have some cake!
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