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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What kind of game is this?
Answer: BG Online is a board game. Online. Without a board, really. But on a website. Seriously though, it is! Just like all your classic board games you play this game with a bunch of other people and the first to cross the finish line wins! With the addition of hookers and brutal murders, of course.

Question: How do I get started?
Answer: Either you join an existing game or you create a new game. You can both join and create a game without having an account. However, with an account you can earn Achievements, save account options and create and join games more easily. An account also allows you to level up and unlock hundreds of powers and rewards!

Question: How do I get an account?
Answer: Easy! You register and you have one! Just fill out the form and you'll have one within a minute!

Question: How much does an account cost me?
Answer: Absolutely nothing!

Question: Then how do you make money with this site?
Answer: We're really hoping people who enjoy the game will make a small donation. As a reward, we have some neat perks for donators that do not influence game balance! We do not want to force our players to pay any kind of fee to play the game.

Question: Is BGO pay to win?
Answer: Nope, donators only get cool visual rewards but no in-game advantages.

Question: What are the system requirements to play this game?
Answer: The following:
  1. A browser. We recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. In other browsers (especially Internet Explorer) the game will likely perform sub-optimal.
  2. To hear sounds you need HTML5. If you use a recent version of one of the supported browsers, this should always work.
  3. The YouTube Player is used to show videos and play music. As long as you can watch movies on YouTube, you'll be fine.
Question: I don't get this game. That's not a question!
Answer: Join the club! BG Online defies all logic and there are only few mortals who truly grasp the meaning of this game. However, we can put up a little list of things that you might enjoy.
  1. Annoy your friends.
  2. Collect achievements.
  3. Drink booze.
  4. Visit hookers.
  5. Be a complete asshat and give your friends STDs.
Question: Is there a wiki or something?
Answer: BGO players have created an awesome wiki! And you can contribute to it as well!

Question: Is there a BGO app?
Answer: No, but you can play the game on your mobile. Just join a game in your mobile browser. The main website is still a bit of a hassle, but after you join a game the interface automatically adapts to your screen.


Question: What's the lobby?
Answer: The lobby is the main chat room on our website. Here you can find the online users and links to open and running games. You can also chat with other players if you're logged in.

Question: How can I use emotes and other special things?
Answer: Type / and the command after it. For instance /hug will display "SexySarah needs a hug.". You can view the list of emotes here, and if you type /help you can see the other slash commands you can use.

Question: How can I select a Lobby Title that I earned with an Achievement?
Answer: Go to your Settings and click on Website Settings. You can select your Lobby Title there.


Question: How can I start the game?
Answer: Once you're inside the game, you can press the huge 'Start Game' button to start. However, only the game host can press this button.

Question: I don't see the 'Start Game' button! Why?
Answer: Someone else entered this game before you. Only the game host can press the button. That's not you, apparently.

Question: I created a game, but am not the game host. How come?
Answer: The first player to enter a game automatically becomes the game host. When you create a game, you'd best enter first before sending the link to your friends or you risk them joining before you do.

Question: I entered my game, but forgot the link! What now?
Answer: The link is still visible in the address bar of your browser screen.

Question: What's that timer in the event window?
Answer: This timer is called the Action Timer and it indicates how many seconds the current player has left to make a choice in the event screen. When the timer runs out, every player can click for the current player. When this happens too often, that player can be kicked from the game.

Question: I died. What now?
Answer: When you die you will get special Death events where usually nothing really happens. Death sucks. Death usually lasts 2 turns, unless other players or special effects and events resurrect you. Try to avoid dying in the future or rather: kill your opponents!

Question: How do I know how far I am? Or how fast I go?
Answer: Below the event window is the game line. You can see player icons that indicate where everyone is. Hold your cursor over one to see the name, space and speed of that player. More information can be found in the Ranking in the bottom right of the screen.

Question: Can I see what items or effects other players have?
Answer: When you click another player's pawn in the Game Line or Ranking, it'll open a popup showing that player's effects. You cannot inspect another player's items directly.

Question: Someone in my game is being a total idiot in the chat.
Answer: Kick their ass! Or click on their name to mute them. You can also kick or ban players if you're the host and the game hasn't started yet. If you're in a public game and someone is really going too far, you can submit a Support Ticket by clicking the triangle button right of the banner.


Question: How do you use items?
Answer: Items can be used in many ways, but they all have one thing in common: You use them by clicking on their icon. Many items will even pop a small menu with options.

Question: Can items be used in events?
Answer: If you have an item that can be used in an event, you will see a special item button in the event screen. This means you can use that item in the current event. For instance, if you're near the Catapult, a small Hand Grenade icon might be displayed in the event. Click the icon to launch the Hand Grenade with the Catapult.

Question: I clicked my item and it disappeared. Why? :'(
Answer: A lot of items are used up when you click them. A log in the chat will explain what happened to it. Keep in mind that using an item that cannot currently be used (such as trying to eat a Hamburger while you're Unable To Eat Or Drink) often results in loss of that item. BGO be a harsh mistress!

Question: How can I combine items?
Answer: At the top of your inventory, there's an [Item Recipes] button. Click the button and you'll automatically see which items you can combine.

Question: I received some skills or abilities, but they seem to be items?!
Answer: Skills go in your inventory and are used just like items. Unlike most items, skills often have a cooldown and can generally be used multiple times or even indefinitely.

Question: I entered a shop, but some items were 'out of stock'. What's that about?
Answer: Shops won't sell any items you have in your inventory when you enter the shop. Any item you buy in the shop will be out of stock during the event. Items become available again in a new turn as long as you don't have them in your inventory still.

Question: Is there a maximum number of items I can have in my inventory?
Answer: No, you can hoard items and skills as much as you like.

Question: I had a Hammer and received a new one. But I still only have one in my inventory! What happened?
Answer: You can only have 1 item of each 'item type'. In case of doubles, the game will try to check if one is better than the other before choosing which one you'll keep.


Question: What's an achievement?
Answer: An achievement is like an award you can earn in a game. Some achievements are hard to obtain and some are easy.

Question: How can I earn an Achievement?
Answer: You have to create an account to be able to earn Achievements. Achievements can only be earned in games with 2 or more players from different computers (IP's). In Team Games, there have to be at least 2 different teams. Apart from that, just play the game, and you should earn them automatically.

Question: Where can I see which Achievements I earned?
Answer: Click on your name at the top right of the website. A menu will reveal itself with a link called My Achievements. Click that to see your achievements.

Question: How can I select a Lobby Title I earned with an Achievement?
Answer: Go to your Settings and click on Website Settings. You can select your Lobby Title there.

Question: I met the requirements to earn an achievement, why didn't I receive it?
Answer: If you didn't receive the achievement after meeting the requirements, the game was probably a Wild Mode or Boss Mode game. These don't allow you to earn normal achievements, with the exception of specific Wild Mode / Boss Mode, Minigames, Jackpot and One In A Million achievements. If you really think something was wrong, submit a Support Ticket!


Question: I use Internet Explorer and something looks ugly or a part of the interface does not seem to work.
Answer: Blame Microsoft for creating a bad browser. Do yourself and the entire internet community a huge favor and choose Firefox or Chrome! They are faster and live up to the international web standards.

Question: I use Mozilla Firefox / Chrome and something looks ugly or a part of the interface does not seem to work.
Answer: Oh my God! Please let us know immediately and we'll fix it! Use the Support Ticket button in-game to submit a support ticket or send us an email at support@boardgame-online.com.


Question: How can I donate?
Answer: Click here for instructions!

Question: Which methods can I use?
Answer: We currently support Paypal, Google/Apple Pay, Credit Card and iDEAL.

Question: Where can I see the rewards for donating?
Answer: Click here to see the rewards!

Question: How long does it normally take to process a donation?
Answer: It should be processed directly.

Question: Do donations stack?
Answer: Yes. If you donate 10 euros and then later donate another 10 euros, your account will unlock the rewards for 20 euros.

BG Shop

Question: What is the BG Shop?
Answer: The BG Shop is a shop where you can buy extra rewards using BG Coins.

Question: How do I earn BG Coins?
Answer: For every euro you donate to the game, you earn 100 BG Coins for your account in addition to unlocking rewards instantly. There are a few other ways, such as via the BGO Newsletter (turn it on in your Settings) or via the Recruit-A-Friend system!

Question: How is the BG Shop different from just donating an amount of money and receiving a reward?
Answer: The rewards you receive from donating are permanently unlocked. In addition to that you gain BG Coins which you can spend in the BG Shop for temporary or permanent rewards of your choice.

Question: What kinds of rewards are there?
Answer: The rewards will vary a lot. There will be temporary buffs and nice gimmicks in-game. For instance, you can use the Love Magnet to ward yourself against the many horrors in the Brothel. Or send out a Message In A Bottle for other players to read in the Message in a Bottle event. You can also obtain special skins for your Dice and Tombstone!

Please note that you will NOT receive unfair benefits in-game through any of these rewards. They just make you look cool.

Question: Can the prices change?
Answer: Yes, like in a real shop, the prices can change. Certain rewards might have a discount for a particular amount of time. Or we might think a certain reward should have a higher or lower price. You can never get a refund for something that you bought.

Question: How long do the rewards stay active?
Answer: Some rewards will work for one month, whereas others are permanently unlocked. You can see how long they work exactly in the BG Shop. Dice and Tombstone skins are permanent rewards. You can select which Dice or Tombstone you want to use in your Settings.

Jukebox Suggesting and Reviewing

Question: How can I suggest a song for the Jukebox?
Answer: Visit Suggest a Song. Follow the instructions there.

Question: I need Jukebox Points to suggest a song! How do I earn them?
Answer: You need to review songs other players suggested to earn Jukebox Points. Visit this page to review a song.

Question: How many Jukebox Points do I get for reviewing a song?
Answer: You earn 1 Jukebox Point for reviewing a song.

Question: How many Jukebox Points do I need to suggest a song?
Answer: You need 5 Jukebox Points to suggest a song. If the song gets added, you get 1 Jukebox Point back.

Question: When does my suggestion get added to the Jukebox?
Answer: This depends on how many people review songs and how many people decline/accept your song. If reviewers agree on your song being accepted / declined, it will typically take a few days. If reviewers disagree on your song, it can take more than a month before it is added / declined.

Question: I'm not so sure if a song is correct or not. What can I do?
Answer: Be strict! If an artist or song title is spelled as 'the lonely island' instead of 'The Lonely Island' you can safely decline it. If a song is more than 5 seconds shorter than the suggested length, decline it.
If something is wrong with a song, please click everything that is correct about it and then press Decline. This way, we can quickly see what is wrong with it. The decline comment is only needed if you want to add some extra info about why you declined it. So if for instance the length is incorrect, select 'Video is working', tick 'Artist correct' and 'Title correct', add the correct length as a comment and submit the decline.

Question: I have too many Jukebox Points or I'm missing some Jukebox Points! How come?
Answer: You can earn an extra Jukebox Point when a song you suggested gets added. If you submit an incorrect review, it may get deleted and you lose the Jukebox Point you earned.

Question: What Jukebox Lobby Titles can I earn?
Answer: Here's the list:
100 Points - DJ
250 Points - _the Music Critic
500 Points - Jukebox Hero
1000 Points - Jingle Master

Sound and Music

Question: How do I turn the sound off?
Answer: Press the sound icon left of the big logo inside the game. Alternatively you may turn your speakers off, shut your computer down or destroy all the wiring in your house with an axe like a deranged mass murderer.

Question: I have my sound turned on. Why don't I hear anything?
Answer: You need HTML5 to hear sounds. If you use one of the supported browsers, this should work.

Question: How do I turn the music off?
Answer: Clicking the music icon on the Jukebox in the top left corner will stop the game from playing music in the Jukebox or in Video popups. Win movies always play and cannot be turned off.


Question: Can I change my account name?
Answer: Yes, you can use the Account Name Change in the BG Shop for 500 BG Coins.

Question: How can I delete my account?
Answer: You can delete your account in your Account Settings.

Privacy and Security

Question: What about my password and logging in... is it secure?
Answer: Yes. We've done our best to protect your password and account as best we can!

Question: I forgot my account name! What now?
Answer: Go here for help!

Question: I forgot my password! What now?
Answer: Go here for help!

Question: What about my privacy?
Answer: Check our Privacy Policy.

Offensive and Sexual Content

Question: Can you make a mode with no sexual content?
Answer: That wouldn't be in the spirit of BGO. One of the main principles of our game is to create a world where people are less easily offended. We think sex is a beautiful thing that connects all people on earth. That makes it extremely good material for the game. So no, we do not have any plans to make a special mode without sexual content.

Question: I saw a player name / game name / message in a bottle / something else with inappropriate text!
Answer: Myeah. People sometimes request we censor or punish the use of words like nigger, faggot, AIDS or whatever else can be considered offensive or inappropriate. Once again, this is something we're extremely relaxed about. Most of these terms have become very common and should be taken with a huge grain of salt these days. Simply put, BGO is not for everyone. If you're so offended by parts of the game content that you do not wish to play the game, you're free to go. We only add content that we deem fit, so we generally will not remove content on grounds of being offensive to some.

Question: I still think *** is very offensive/inappropriate!
Answer: Okay.


Question: What is a FAQ?
Answer: This is a FAQ.

Answer: Why yes, thank you.

Question: What is your power level?
Answer: IT'S OVER 9000!

Answer: The scouter doesn't lie.

Question: I saw some stuff in the game that doesn't make sense logically. What gives?
Answer: A wizard did it.